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FOUNDER/CEO – Carson Bencarsonnett – 16-years old, discovered his love for the camera through photography. He has a keen eye for images and enjoys creating, directing and coming up with interesting ways to get the shot. He has had the opportunity to photograph red-carpet events, run lighting boards for stage productions, shoot B-roll for music videos, and serve as a videographer and cameraman on several independent projects. Most recently Carson Produced the short film, The  Museum Of Unnatural Gaming, (selected into the L.A. Film Festival) and a PSA for the non-profit organization, They Can’t Talk But We Can, featuring Retha Grey from Betty White’s Off Your Rockers. He was camera operator on the PSA for World Trust, and along with his brother, were flown to Las Vegas to shoot the B-Roll for the 5th annual Life Is Beautiful event. Carson ran track for several years, and was selected to run for the All Valley-All Stars. Carson is the more quieter of the twins, more of the behind the scenes kind of guy.

FOUNDER/CEO-Carcarringtonrington Bennett – 16-years old, has enjoyed both sides of the camera. As an actor, he has appeared in commercials for Burger King, V-8, Fox television pilot, guest starring roles, and had a featured role in the movie, Horrible Bosses (where he portrayed the younger version of Jamie Foxx’s character). Behind the camera, he was on the production crew of  the pilot “Club Santino, two PSA’s, and recently wrote was co-director for the short film selected into the L.A. Film Festival, The Museum Of Unna and tural Gaming. Always a tech whiz, editing has became one of his biggest passions. He is also a partner in Cloud Cinematic, a new media and film production company. Self-taught at Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier & Photo Shop,  and loves creating logos when requested.  Carrington plays basketball, and was part of The Chatsworth Chief’s All-Star Championship team.

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COO – Cameron Davis – Attends Chatsworth High School. Cameron has created several comic as an illustrator. He’s also an avid youtube video maker managing several accounts. Camera was on the production team of They Can’t Talk But We Can, PSA and the short film The Museum of Unnatural Gaming, which was selected into the Los Angeles Film Festival. He is also a partner in Cloud Cinematic, a new media and film production company













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