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C&C Festival Team, Filmmakers & Cast Members

CC Teen Hollywood Film Festival’s purpose is to give young entrepreneurs an opportunity to hone their skills as aspiring business men and women, while pursuing their passion.  There are many platforms for teens filmmakers to showcase their work; writing, producing, directing and editing. Our festival is run by teens for teens.

The arts are an important part of our learning process.  It’s useful in many fields including  but not limited to; architecture, engineering, physics, chemistry and mathematics. The writer has to research script information to create an authentic script. Or the set designer that needs to know set dimensions.  Students who have a background in the arts are more likely to be more creative and open to new ideas.

Even though some of us may not continue the path of filmmaking as we head into adulthood, or any art for that matter. I believe the skills “I’ve” learned, the discipline to see an idea to fruition, and the entrepreneurial spirit I have gained, will be something I know I can use no matter what career path I decide to take – Carrington Bennett.